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Monroe Court courts Corker — or perhaps they are already married

Well, at least the sign was there, as evidenced in this mid-June 2001 photo shows.  As of June 24, the sign had been removed.

Now you see it, now you don’t. Corker’s sign on Spokane developer and cardiologist Marcus DeWood’s Monroe Court building has since been removed. (Click to enlarge)

Perhaps the marriage was unsuccessful.  Or perhaps it was not a marriage but rather a failed courtship.  Or maybe it was simply an uncomfortable coupling, better kept under wraps.  While it may be too late to do that, the memory is very short.  At least compared to the camera’s lens and the internet.

The August 8, 2009, edition of Spokane Skeptic — a currently dormant Spokane area blog — contained a post titled, What is Monroe Court Ltd. Partnership?  An excerpt from the piece points out the role of Monroe Court Ltd. Partnership in Spokane politics and discusses its owners, Dr. Marcus DeWood and his wife, Luann Padgham.

Another one that has really left me scratchin’ my old noggin is this “Monroe Court Ltd. Partnership.” Monroe Court has donated $1,500 to both Nancy McLaughlin and to Mike Allen making them the top donor to both campaigns. So…. who is behind this “Monroe Court“?

Turns out, according to the Department of Licensing again, Monroe Court is a partnership between Dr. Marcus DeWood, a local cardiologist and developer, and something called “N Pacific General, Inc.” Well, Pacific General Contracting, Inc., is owned by Dr. DeWood and his wife, Luann Padgham.

Of course, it doesn’t end there. In May 2008, on a 6-1 vote (Richard Rush was the lone vote against), the Spokane City Council overturned a decision by the city hearing examiner and allowed for a zoning change that would allow for the construction of a 150-foot tower west of the courthouse (Story: “Spokane council vote allows proposed tower near courthouse,” The developers behind the tower? Marcus DeWood and Luann Padgham (No word on the rumor — that I just started — that Dr. DeWood is talking with David Elton about building a skyscraper in Browne’s Addition, too).

So it appears the DeWoods are Steve Corker backers this time around.

But why take the sign down so soon after putting it up?

Could it have something to do with a DeWood reader board?

More on that soon…