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And they are off….

The 2011 Spokane political season has begun and the politicians are off and running. ¬†We will look at their campaign signs and the connections those annoying, omni-present signs allow us to make to the powers that be, the powers that would be, and the powers that we shouldn’t allow to be.

Some of this will be mundane, some perhaps comical, and some, if we are lucky, enlightening.

And when it is over, we will see who fails to clean theirs up!

Well, let’s just hope that this blog gets more attention than some of the others the author has penned in recent years, such as Spokane Police Abuses, Spokane Racism, Spokane Economic Indicators, and Spokane’s WR Grace Asbestos Hotspot.

As with these other blogs, your comments, critiques, suggestions, and photos are welcome.


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